Externalizing Asylum

A compendium of scientific knowledge

Externalization of asylum procedures and refugee protection is a highly topical and controversial issue shaping political and societal discussions worldwide. Externalization denotes the outsourcing of asylum procedures and refugee protection to other countries.

The initiative “Externalizing Asylum” provides comprehensive insights into the background and effects of externalization practices. Coordinated and edited by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Krause and Dr. Christiane Fröhlich, the initiative consists of approximately 60 nuanced analyses by scholars from around the world addressing diverse legal, political, conceptual, ethical, and further challenges of externalization. The contributions will be uploaded on a rolling basis. By offering scientifically rigorous information, the contributions can enrich public debates and help to identify humane asylum practices.

In addition, we provide further resources on externalization. These include scientific publications and podcasts as well as contributions from policy-making, civil society, and the media in German and English.